These songs are presented as work in progress, being continually re-worked and refined. We use these versions as " bench mark" statements enabling us to explore alternatives and to bring in other musicians to benefit from another view and another contribution.

Inspired by Steven Hawkin's "theory of everything" encapsulating the notion of a "singularity". David wrote this song using the idea of circularity to symbolise a socialogical circle. Unit 310 where able to bring a much needed human scale to the composition.

Huw wrote the song and Francis supplied the words to this heartfelt plea for sanity in the household. At one point in the song you can hear  "the wife" nagging for DIY action............

"Walking Away", written by Francis about his uprooting from a lifetime in London for new ventures on the South Coast. The wrench from the known is always painful but overcoming anxieties leads to new opportunities. Unit 310 being one of them! This demo features David on lap steel guitar.

"Like a Sailor or a Kite" was written in response to the death of Amy Winehouse. The creative self destruction of such formidable talent is devastating . A desire to sail or fly away from it all comes to us all at times. The evocative mussette was used by Unit 310 to capture that spirit. 

"I Never Let You Know" was written by Francis after a "NuHoot" gig in Brighton. ( a Jazz quartet including, part time Unit 310 collaborator, Tim Ansell on Drums ) This is a Unit 310 guitar and vocals demo version with David on percussion grooves.

Original chord sequence and idea for an instrumental by David. Lyrics and extended arrangements by Francis inspired by many visits to Polzeath in Cornwall. Great guitar work by Huw.