Huw Heywood

I’m basically a lead guitarist, and I like to play heavy and loud. Sometimes we (still) have discussions about this. Mostly, I just turn it up, heavy and loud. (I think the guys turn it down in the mix). I play a gold-top Les Paul, a Yamaha RGZ and a Strat. My influences; Jimmy Page and Alex Lifeson. Jeff Beck for tone and Gilmour for sheer stamina (sustain). There’s REM and Coldplay for rhythm, if needed. Gigs in the early 80s taught me that heavy and loud was OK. Recently, in some heavy, loud and measured experiences with Unit Three 10, I realised that soft and measured was OK too. So now, measured and loud. But with both heavy and soft passages, which raises occasional eyebrows with the boys. I employ max 0.75 plectrums (good for sweep-picked arpeggios and for pinched harmonics), ample whammy bar, H&K high-gain amp, Boss effects-board, with pre-amp. I like a good shred, if I’m honest. Talking of which, one of the Unit’s drummers is my friend Benny in north Germany. His band, Crushed Visions, recently recorded a great James Bond tribute instrumental, ‘50 years.’ That’s it, I’m done here.