Francis Graves

I currently try to balance  a career in Architecture and teaching with a continuing engagement with musical composition and recording.

Trained classically as a child on the violin and singing as a treble chorister, I subsequently experimented on the mandolin and guitar playing , singing and writing progressive folk songs solo and with other musicians forming my first band, “Expansion” in the late 1970s. This was an acoustic jazz /folk combo: double bass, drums, sax/flute, guitar and vocals playing original songs and instrumentals.
I also developed a song writing partnership with Phil Lusher, son of the Trombonist Don Lusher. This was my initiation to jazz and progressive rock that continue to influence my composition to date. Working in the 1980s in the Architectural & Planning Partnership (APP), staff included a drummer, bass player Tim & Al Ansell and Ray Deefholts, an exceptionally talented lead guitarist who had toured and recorded professionally with progressive rock band “Visitor 2035”. We formed the APP band and recorded a session of original melodic progressive rock numbers at Wave studios Hoxton Square in 1981. After a brief collaboration with singer Bernadette D’Prato including a recoding session for “The Battle of the Bands”, the APP band reformed under a new name “Raft” (Ray, Alan, Francis & Tim). Recording on Broadjam after Al left to paint in France:
Tim continues to contribute on selected
Unit 310 numbers on drums and percussion.

“Raft” on Broadjam: