David Yearley

 I am an Architect songwriter and musician and have played in several bands, including a Band called Aubrey Small in the 1970's who went on to record an album and single.

​I play bass guitar in a style influenced by Paul McCartney and flute influenced by Herbie Man. Nowadays I am semi-retired and teach Architectural Design at Portsmouth University School of Architecture as well as writing music, somehow finding time to re-engage with many different musical instruments, preferring to compose and record using keyboards and Cubase.
My interest in music started at the age of 6 when my dad, a great boogie woogie pianist, bought me a ukelele. From that moment I was hooked. I seem to find it fairly easy to play most instruments,  ( thanks dad ) but initially concentrated on playing the flute in the Bath Youth Orchestra in my early years. Later I rejected the rigidity of the classical discipline in favour of the freedom of expression found in rock and blues. Recently though, I have returned to more structured musical composition, ​enjoying the discipline of song creation.
My musical influences have been diverse, ranging from Vaughan Williams to Steeley Dan, from MJQ to the Beatles.