Artwork by Google Images    Recorded Mixed and Mastered at Crescent Studios    Engineer - David Yearley

Villa de Ormasini  Francis Graves and Huw Heywood

Francis Graves - Guitars / Vocals,   David Yearley  - Bass ,  Huw Heywood - Guitars, George Francis - Percussion  

A magnificent symphonic piece written by Francis with lyrics by Huw, containing several movements describing a momentous occasion in Venice

Lined bridged canals open up to your Santi Giovanni

With that marble clad icon, the renaissance frames   

a life laced relief.

Slip down the Dandolo to a landing at Ruzzini for a  

Grand reception back on land.

In a Palazzo built on sand


Out in the light you just don’t understand

Out in the light you just don’t understand me in the fight

Through the Miracoli now enlightened on dry land you 

Meet me in the Magazen

In the Magazen

Through cloudy skies silver strands long lagoons shine sparkling

Fragile and frail floating piles once support now flood, sink and lean

Where are you now, lost the hazed

horizon that just

Leads me on and on

Leads me on and on


White wake our path cuts a clear line through dark waters

Racing in line rhythmed sentinel posts rot+   mark the channelled course

We’re getting to you now, we’re slowing in your sight: Fondamentas and waterways

Don’t look now, it’s all a play