Artwork from Google Images    Recorded Mixed and Mastered at Crescent Studios    Engineer - David Yearley

Seaview Francis Graves & David Yearley

Original chord sequence and idea for an instrumental by David. Lyrics and extended arrangements by Francis inspired by many visits to Polzeath in Cornwall. Great guitar work by Huw.

Francis Graves - Guitars,Vocals   David Yearley - Bass   Huw Heywood - Guitars   George Francis - Percussion

Flying in on sand you notice markers on the land
Taken on the way your heart is bloated black and bland
Picking up your load you find away to carry on
In a land where lanes wind blind pass harbours, hamlets, homes

Sparkling waters reached where warm the stones
Meet clustered roofs and dance in mellow tones

You roam the streets unnoticed now exploring, you have time
To find the ferry fisherman  and cross the weather’s fine 

Estuary sailing shore to shore slow tide the Camel flows 
Rushes frame the jetty now moor, steady as she goes

Wading on through shallows bags in hand 
Fading  now you’re near the Promised Land

Empty home welcomes you alone
As there’s no one there to greet you, you’re forlorn

Sights, smells and sounds so familiar from fast times
When the families fused their feelings for the found

Lead you on to kiss the falling ground 
Gazing where still time can be found

For gazing Westward to headlands where once the few

Searched horizons for this Sea View

Searched horizons for this Sea View

Searched horizons for this Sea View