Unit 310
David Yearley:      Keyboards, Bass, Flute,Vocals

Huw Heywood:    Lead Guitars & Effects
Francis Graves:    Rhythm Guitars & Vocals


Unit  310 was set up in 2010 in Portsmouth UK  as a musical
collaboration between three founding architect/lecturer members, David Yearley, Huw Heywood and Francis Graves with input on different projects from 10 or more musicians,  artists, technicians and other creative contributors to the composition, production and performances. The name originated from an undergraduate technical unit taught by all three members.

Unit 310 blend progressive rock with blues, jazz and folk influences to generate a unique and contemplative sound .
Original material written and arranged is supplemented with new arrangements of numbers written for the founding  members' previous bands including "Aubrey Small" and "Raft"

The work presented on this site includes instrumental pieces, experimental sketches, songs of various kinds, and emerging stuff carried out in the process of research and a music hobby interest...enjoy.